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Spring is here! After long winter, we finally started to notice the changes, the temperature starts to rise, and everything will be blooming soon. Sounds wonderful, unless you happen to be one of the unlucky ones who dreads the onset of spring allergies; for you it means a months-long stretch of annoying symptoms - runny noses, itchy eyes and constant sneezin

If you are like many people, you've probably tried a variety of conventional over-the-counter medications to manage your symptoms. The problem with those solutions - they often make a person drowsy, edgy or feel plain lousy. 

However, HOMEOPATHY, as research has shown, can really help with the allergies, and is a safer option for you. Homeopathy can help alleviate both short-term and long-term allergy symptoms. 

Here is the list of Homeopathic Remedies that are commonly used for allergy: 

*Allium cepa - burning discharge from nose, bland discharge from eyes, light hurts the eyes, sticking/pricking sensation in larynx 

*Euphrasia - eyes very swollen, with thick burning discharge, bland discharge from nose, coughing up phlegm, worse indoors 

*Sabadilla - Violent sneezing, itchy nose, red and swollen eyelids, runny eyes, headache as if head is shrinking, chilly, thinking dull and slow 

*Colubrina - stuffiness and blocked breathing, itchiness inside ears, eyes burn and sensitive to light, irritable 

*Pulsatilla - bland yellow discharge from nose and eyes, better open air, weepy or tearful disposition 

*Arunda - early in hay fever season, tickly nose and sneezing, no discharge, roof of mouth itchy. 

Nutritional Supplements can be effective in reducing inflammation, healing mucus membranes and supporting immune function: 

Quercetin 400mg, 2 times per day. 

Bromelain 1000mg, 3 times per day taken between meals 

Vitamin A (emulsified) 25 000iu per day 

Vitamin B complex 100mg per day 

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