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Children’s Health

Common Conditions Treated

Homeopathy has been sought for a variety of children’s health issues. Some of the common ones include:

Colds and Flu:

For those all-too-frequent sniffles and coughs, parents often turn to homeopathy for a gentle boost to the immune system.

Respirator Conditions:

Asthma, bronchitis, recurrent ear infection, whooping cough and croup, tonsilitis

Digestive Issues:

Tummy aches, constipation, and diarrhea can be addressed with tailored homeopathic remedies, easing discomfort and restoring balance.


Skin Conditions:

Eczema and diaper rash are common in little ones. Homeopathy aims to treat these conditions gently, reducing discomfort.

Allergies – from environmental (pollen, dust..) to food (milk, peanuts, gluten..)


Behavioral and Emotional Issues:

Tantrum, anxiety and fears, ADHD and ADD, bed wetting , autism homeopathic remedies often seek to balance the emotional state of the child.

By focusing on the individual as a whole rather than just the symptoms, homeopathy seeks to restore balance and promote natural healing.

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