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Homeopathic Approach

As we know, every disease affects the whole person, not just one organ or system, and it’s manifested in symptoms on a physical, mental and emotional level as a total expression. In homeopathic medicine we treat the person as a whole, rather than treating specific conditions.


We take every aspect of the patient into account from physical to emotional symptoms. No two individuals are alike in health or disease; no two patients can have same set of identical symptoms. Therefore, patients with the same diagnosis would likely be treated with a different remedy to initiate the healing process. We take every aspect of the patient into account, and remedies are given to patient to stimulate the body’s self-healing system, and aim to restore health in a gentle and permanent way. This holistic philosophy is one of the main differences between homeopathy and conventional medicine.

Homeopathic medicine homeopathy

Why Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a natural, safe and effective system of medicine, based on the nature’s law of Cure - ”Like Cures Like”, so it looks at the state the person is in and tries to match it with a remedy in order to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism. It is a holistic system of medicine that delivers a gentle, rapid and permanent response to illness.

Homeopathy is a medical science and art developed over 200 years ago by brilliant German physician dr Samuel Hahnemann, and today homeopathy is the second most common form of medicine in the world and is the fastest growing. Homeopathy is practiced in every country around the world and is particularly popular in Europe, India, South Africa and South America

What to Expect from the First Visit?

During the first consultation, which usually lasts up to two hours, I will ask you about your presenting complaint(s) and its symptoms, your medical history and any significant health problems in your family. I will also enquire about your personal characteristics, modalities (what makes things better or worse), preferences, sleep pattern, dreams, phobias, feelings and sensations. All this might seem a bit unusual, but is essential to find the correct remedy for you.​​


I may prescribe a medication immediately or take a while to study the individual's case, which means analysing all the collected information and then prescribe indicated remedy. I’ll take in consideration the whole person, their temperament, personality, emotional, and physical responses.​​

After taking the remedy, sometimes very short and mild aggravation of your symptoms can occur or old forgotten symptoms can return. This is a sign that the remedy is working and usually followed by an improvement of your condition.​


In most cases, a follow-up appointment is scheduled within the next four to five weeks’ time in order to gauge the medication's effectiveness.

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