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About Jelena

My name is Jelena, and as a licensed homeopath with the College of
Homeopaths of Ontario, I want to share my journey from conventional
medicine to homeopathy. I graduated from medical school in Serbia and
practiced as a physician for few years. However, I became dissatisfied with
only treating symptoms rather than underlying causes. My views on health
had expanded to recognize the mind-body-emotion connections. I knew I
wanted to transition to holistic care and view patients wholly.

Later, after immigrating to Canada with my family, my young son struggled
with eczema, allergies, and speech issues. Conventional treatments failed
to help, so I explored alternatives. Given my earlier interest in holistic care,
we tried homeopathic remedies, which completely resolved his conditions. I was amazed and inspired to extensively research homeopathy's efficacy worldwide. This led me to graduate with honors from the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine. I've also studied under renowned homeopaths like Rajan Sankaran, Jeremy Sherr, and Divya Chhabra.

Today, I combine my medical knowledge with homeopathic experience to
treat acute conditions and chronic illnesses holistically. My goal is to help
people move forward in health, gaining the confidence to enjoy life and
create new experiences.

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